Belianska cave

Belianska cave is the only accessible cave in the High Tatras and also the most visited cave in Slovakia. The show path is 1370 m long with elevation range of 125 m, there are 860 steps on the path and the stay in cave lasts about 70 minutes. The temperature ranges between 5 and 6.3 ° C.

Cave is located in the national nature reservation of Belianske Tatry in the territory of TANAP (National park of High Tatras). You will get there by through a forest road from the village Tatranská Kotlina and it takes you about 25 min and you will overcome the 122m altitude difference.

The visitors can admire flowstone waterfalls, pagoda stalagmite, pools and many other forms of cave decoration. One of the stop sis in the Music Hall, named after the sound of dripping water on pool surface. This hall was used for organizing musical concerts of reproduced classical music because of its superior acoustics.